Re: [Slightly off-topic] Re: Sound Blaster Live (heads up Alan)

Aaron Tiensivu (
Thu, 26 Nov 1998 22:19:23 -0500

> just an FYI, Creative bought Ensoniq, who had put out a PCI
> soundcard with all kinds of bells and whistles (including nastly legacy
> SB support, previously considered impossible from a PCI sound card).
> Creative then repackaged the card as (I think) SoundBlaster PCI and tacked
> $40 onto the price. God bless capitolism =)

I really shouldn't be contributing to this thread, but I get a real kick
out of finding old inventory of Ensoniq AudioPCI cards, buying them for $17,
and then downloading the Creative drivers... suddenly it goes from being
"Ensoniq AudioPCI" to "Creative Labs SoundBlaster 64".

They claim the extra $40 is for better technical support.
Yeah, right.

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