Patch 2.1.131ac4

Alan Cox (
Sat, 5 Dec 98 23:09 GMT

Lest anyone run out of things to compile this evening..

Ok time for the next update. Looking at the remaining bug reports can one
of the IDE guys send me a patch to disable the setting of multimode on boot,
I want to see if that is involved in some of the irq/serial latency problem
reports and also a couple of '2.1.x doesnt boot' reports where it seems the
IDE driver (or the disk quite possibly) is handing back wrong blocks.

Differences between 2.1.131ac3 and 2.1.131ac4

o AIC7xxx fix (indirectly Doug Ledford)
o ad1816 sound update (Thorsten Knabe)
o MAXMEM used is displayed if limited (Ingo)
o Missing/extra restore flag/cli stuff cleaned up (Oleg Drokin)
o Const cleanups for parport (Tim Waugh)
o Serial double setup crash fix (Ted Tso)
o Some netsyms changes for more compiles (Arjan/Me)
o Config.h fixes (Niels Jensen)
o tunelp location correction (Andrea Arcangeli)
o nbd mods to start getting md over nbd workable (Pavel)
o Some ide-scsi drivers do have LUN's - reverse the patch for that
pending a better way to spot multilun ide
o Alpha lock definiton fix when SMP=1
o NCR MCA motherboard NCR539C94 SCSI support (Tymm)

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