Re: MegaRAID patch with SMP

Mark Plaksin (
06 Dec 1998 00:36:24 -0500

Mark Plaksin <> writes:

> We recently got a patch from somebody at AMI that fixed our 2.1.x +
> MegaRAID + SMP problems. We've been banging on it for a day and it looks
> good so far. The mail message we got included megaraid.c and megaraid.h
> along with the smp patch. I haven't checked to see if the .c and .h are
> different from what you get from Anyhow, here's a link to the
> email message:
> I suspect AMI will come out with a new version of the driver soon.

Just remembered: After applying the smp patch we were still getting lots
of "mailbox busy, retrying" messages in /var/log/messages. One of the
original developers of this driver at Dell said he put the prints in to
help with debugging. So we just commented them out. Now syslog is no
longer using 50% of a CPU :)

Mark Plaksin                      

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