Re: MegaRAID patch with SMP

Mark Plaksin (
04 Dec 1998 21:41:13 -0500 (Pavel Janik ml.) writes:

> When running on 2.0.29 (latest versions are "SMP updated", so no go
> for our configuration) no problems arrive (cd /usr/src/linux; make -j
> 5 bzImage is OK, -j 50 too ;-). 2.1.130 is bad - it stays about 30s of
> compilation, then locks, no messages in log file. Some messages on the
> console, but we did not write them down, but it is repoducible.


We recently got a patch from somebody at AMI that fixed our 2.1.x +
MegaRAID + SMP problems. We've been banging on it for a day and it looks
good so far. The mail message we got included megaraid.c and megaraid.h
along with the smp patch. I haven't checked to see if the .c and .h are
different from what you get from Anyhow, here's a link to the
email message:

I suspect AMI will come out with a new version of the driver soon.

Mark Plaksin                      

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