Strings floppy problem under Linux 2.1.131.

H.J. Lu (
Sun, 6 Dec 1998 19:44:31 -0800 (PST)


I got a strange umount problem under Linux 2.1.131. I have been running
the POSIX test under glibc 2.1 and Linux 2.1.1xx. I use /dev/fd0 as the
device for mounting and umounting. Everything works fine under Linux
2.1.130. But under Linux 2.1.131, under certain conditions, I got
"Device is busy" when I was unmounting /dev/fd0. I have verified that
there were no processes running at the time. I even changed to the
single use mode. I still got "Device is busy" when I was unmounting
/dev/fd0. There seems a stange bug in linux 2.1.131. Sorry I don't
have the time to investigate it further. I want to finish the POSIX
test first. For now, I will use 2.1.130.


H.J. Lu (

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