Re: libata in 2.4.24?

From: Erik Steffl
Date: Mon Dec 01 2003 - 17:02:57 EST

Samuel Flory wrote:
Greg Stark wrote:

Samuel Flory <sflory@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

It's getting harder to find a newly released motherboard without onboard
sata. Not having libata support means that anyone running 2.4 unpatched will
be unable to use such systems.

My motherboard has a SATA controller and I'm using it in non-legacy mode with
2.4.23. What is this libata thing I'm supposed to be needing?

What chipset are you using? Assumming that hda is your sata drive. What are the results of the following "hdarm -t /dev/hda" "hdparm -dvi /dev/hda" The ICH5 chipset is the only chipset I've found that works well without libata.

not for drives >133GB (I have intel D865PERL mb and 250GB matrox, it doesn't work without SCSI_ATA (at all), it cannot read/write above 133GB without libata patches)


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