Re: vanilla 2.6.0-test11 and CS4236 card

From: Takashi Iwai
Date: Wed Dec 03 2003 - 06:30:42 EST


At Tue, 2 Dec 2003 21:17:51 -0600,
Joseph Pingenot wrote:
> -------------
> Both times (with your patch and with isapnp), I had the following problems:
> a) xmms wouldn't talk straight to the card even after selecting the alsa
> output plugin

what was the error exactly?

> b) I started esd (the alsa version) and then told xmms to talk to esd.
> It worked out well for a couple of seconds, but then it crashed
> (both with your patch and with the manually activated (isapnp) one)
> It crashed HARD.

oh, that's bad.

> It crashed so hard that it wiped out some files, like apt, I presume
> when it was cleaning "orphans" in /; the net result is that my
> box is semi-hosed, since things like tr and apt-get and route
> are now full of '\0' characters instead of their actual contents.
> Sound played for about a second, then the machine hung hard (I don't think
> that the Magic SysRq keys even did anything), and the last couple of
> tenths of a second of sound just repeated over and over and over until
> I hit reset. I don't have an oops; it was highly hosed.
> When I can pull my system back together, I can try again. Please help
> me find this new bug, so that the cs4236 driver is safe for other
> Dell P410 users! :)

i'm puzzled because cs4236's pcm code is basically identical with
cs4231, and cs4232 seems working (at least the last time i tested).
anyway, please show the kernel config and check any other apps do
similar oops / crash.

Takashi Iwai <tiwai@xxxxxxx> ALSA Developer -
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