Re: SII 3512+Seagate on Athlon64 system

From: Aron Rubin
Date: Wed Dec 03 2003 - 07:44:02 EST

Ryan Earl's patch did not fix this particular problem, so I am back to needing help. Does slow but correct comms with an occational "hda: lost interrupt" (about four total while talking to the drive) indicate that I should be looking into something specific?


Aron Rubin wrote:
SATA controller SII 3512 not recognized by driver. It looks like SII 3512 is almost identical to 3112 interface. I copy/paste/alterred all code in ide/pci/siimage.[ch] with "3112" in it to "3512". It seems about 95% functional. Need help with remaining 5%, related to very, very, slow controller comms during init with occational "Interrupt Lost" messages. Seems like comms are out of sync and then resync over and over. Other than that all drive info comes over. Ryan Earl's patch may fix, I would be suprised if it was that simple though. I will try later today.



ssh aron@xxxxxxxxxxxx cat /dev/brain | grep ^work:

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