Re: PROBLEM: 2.6test11 kernel panic on "head -1 /proc/net/tcp"

From: OGAWA Hirofumi
Date: Wed Dec 03 2003 - 10:22:10 EST

lkml-031128@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> After I added Ogawa's line, "head -1 /proc/net/tcp" stopped
> freezing my machine but PPP failed to work.
> Also after adding Ogawa's line, PPP works fine (as it is now, as
> I write this message) as long as I don't try "head -1 /proc/net/tcp"
> after boot. If I'll try "head -1 /proc/net/tcp" now PPP will stop
> working.

Can you reproduce the fail of PPP? I couldn't reproduce it.
What reason is the fail of PPP? (the "debug" option of pppd may be helpful)

Of course, the following message is easy reproducible. But it's
debugging message, not the real problem. And probably it's unrelated
to the fail of PPP.

> >>> Badness in local_bh_enable at kernel/softirq.c:121
> >>> Call Trace:
> >>> [<c011df25>] local_bh_enable+0x85/0x90
> >>> [<c02315e2>] ppp_async_push+0xa2/0x180
> >>> [<c0230efd>] ppp_asynctty_wakeup+0x2d/0x60
> >>> [<c0202638>] pty_unthrottle+0x58/0x60
> >>> [<c01ff0fd>] check_unthrottle+0x3d/0x40
> >>> [<c01ff1a3>] n_tty_flush_buffer+0x13/0x60
> >>> [<c0202a47>] pty_flush_buffer+0x67/0x70
> >>> [<c01fba41>] do_tty_hangup+0x3f1/0x460
OGAWA Hirofumi <hirofumi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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