RE: If your ACPI-enabled machine does clean shutdown randomly...

From: Yu, Luming
Date: Thu Dec 04 2003 - 00:45:01 EST

>...then you probably need this one. (One notebook I have here
>certainly needs it).

You are lucky to have such a laptop which could expose some unknow ACPI bug .
It's great, if you can share some information with us. --Luming

>It seems that acpi likes to report completely bogus value from time to
> time...

It's great, if you can tell us other completely bogus value. I believe It will help us a lot.

>+ if (KELVIN_TO_CELSIUS(tz->temperature) >= 200) {
>+ printk(KERN_ALERT "Are you running CPU or nuclear power plant? ACPI claims CPU temp is %d C. Ignoring.\n", KELVIN_TO_CELSIUS(tz->temperature));
>+ return_VALUE(0);
>+ }
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