Re: Linux 2.4 future

From: Willy Tarreau
Date: Thu Dec 04 2003 - 00:46:52 EST

Hi !

On Thu, Dec 04, 2003 at 02:45:13PM +1100, Tim Connors wrote:
> > What about ext3? I tend to prefer ext3 since I know how it works more than
> > the others, and it puts data integrity ahead of performance, which is the
> > way things should be (TM).
> Is it true that JFS still doesn't use a /lost+found?

> I have had plenty of problems with it. One I can think of is under
> debian, after your $RANDOM mounts, it doesn't manage to do the
> automatic forced fsck, so none of the filesystems get mounted. It
> tries to stumble along without having mounted /usr. I have to reboot,
> log in single user, and manually fsck. I don't know whther this is a
> fsck.jfs or a debian deficiency.

I recently had a very bad experience on my notebook with ext3 and fsck. It
had not checked the disk for 180 days, and started it... I can now estimate
about 60 files I lost in /usr (most of them in /usr/bin), but I regularly
discover new missing ones. Since this notebook has experience lots of
crashes, I think that the FS already was in bad situation, but these files
were still OK for me just before I shut it down. I cannot imagine not
noticing a "make: command not found" after a day of compilation. So I
stuffed some missing files in it again and it's OK now. I really don't
know what happened. Perhaps I fscked during a solar flare :-)


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