Segmentation fault in i810_audio.c:__i810_update_lvi

From: Gary Wong
Date: Mon May 10 2004 - 11:37:12 EST


It seems that buggy programs can cause a segmentation fault in the
i810_audio module. (I noticed the problem in DRIVER_VERSION 0.23, and
a quick peek at the 0.24 source looks as if it is still present

The problem is that if somebody opens the DSP as O_RDONLY, and then
PCM_ENABLE_OUTPUT, dmabuf->trigger will have both of those two bits
set. This doesn't cause an immediate problem, but once i810_release()
is eventually called, it will notice the PCM_ENABLE_OUTPUT bit and
call drain_dac(), which in turn calls i810_update_lvi(), and
__i810_update_lvi(), which will cause a segmentation fault
dereferencing dmabuf->write_channel->port (where write_channel is
NULL; the channel was never established, since file->f_mode does
not include FMODE_WRITE).

I believe that one of two fixes should be applied: either the
SNDCTL_DSP_SETTRIGGER ioctl handling should not enable the
PCM_ENABLE_{IN,OUT}PUT bits unless file->f_mode is compatible,
or i810_release() should ignore the PCM_ENABLE_* bits without
the corresponding FMODE_*.

I am happy to provide a patch to i810_audio.c implementing whichever
solution you prefer, or I can send a test case and oops and backtrace
information if it will help, but I wanted to check first to see if
you already have a report about the problem and if it is still present
in the latest revision.

Gary Wong gtw@xxxxxxxxx
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