Re: VIA SATA Raid needs a long time to recover from suspend

From: Mark Lord
Date: Thu Nov 17 2005 - 19:09:29 EST

Phillip Susi wrote:
Andrew Morton wrote:

This change will increase the minimum delay in both ata_wait_idle() and
ata_busy_wait() from 10 usec to 100 usec, which is not a good change.

It would be less damaging to increase the delay in ata_wait_idle() from
1000 to 100,000. A one second spin is a bit sad, but the hardware's bust,

I wonder if this the same problem that prevents resume-from-ram
from working on my system when I use an older hard drive,
rather than the newer model that came installed (notebook)..

Whenever resume fails, the hard drive light is on solid
and the system is unresponsive. And the backlight is off so no
debug info available (no serial ports, either).

Could be.. could be.

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