Re: VIA SATA Raid needs a long time to recover from suspend

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Sun Nov 20 2005 - 03:16:31 EST

> >>This change will increase the minimum delay in both ata_wait_idle() and
> >>ata_busy_wait() from 10 usec to 100 usec, which is not a good change.
> >>
> >>It would be less damaging to increase the delay in ata_wait_idle() from
> >>1000 to 100,000. A one second spin is a bit sad, but the hardware's
> >>bust,
> I wonder if this the same problem that prevents resume-from-ram
> from working on my system when I use an older hard drive,
> rather than the newer model that came installed (notebook)..
> Whenever resume fails, the hard drive light is on solid
> and the system is unresponsive. And the backlight is off so no
> debug info available (no serial ports, either).

Debugging this sucks, sorry. Usefull methods are keyboard leds and system
beeper. printk-over-morse comes to mind :-).
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