Re: Compaq Presario "reboot" problems

From: linux-os (Dick Johnson)
Date: Fri Nov 18 2005 - 07:48:20 EST

On Fri, 18 Nov 2005, Denis Vlasenko wrote:

> On Thursday 17 November 2005 20:51, linux-os (Dick Johnson) wrote:
>> With Linux-2.4.26 I reported that if a Compaq gets rebooted while
>> running Linux-2.4.26, it will not be able to restart Windows 2000.
>> It cam restart Linux fine. Today, I tried the same thing with
>> Linux- It fails, too.
>> The symptoms are that you just "reboot" Linux. When the GRUB loader
>> comes up, I select my Windows-2000/professional. That M$ Crap comes
>> up to where it's just about to start the high-resolution screen.
>> Then it stops forever, no interrupts, no nothing. I need to disconnect
>> power and remove the battery to recover.
>> It appears as though Linux is still restarting as a "warm boot",
>> rather than a cold boot (in other words, putting magic in the
>> shutdown byte of CMOS) so the hardware doesn't get properly
>> initialized. Would somebody please check this out. When changing
>> operating systems, you need a cold-boot.
> Can you check which driver does that? The test would be to
> boot a special Linux setup which reboots immediately
> (say, wuth init=/some/ boot param).
> Then start removing drivers from kernel until you
> can boot Win successfully after Linux reboots.
> --
> vda

Yes. Just as soom as I finish a "work break". I'll get back.

Dick Johnson
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