RE: Does Linux has File Stream mapping support...?

From: Arijit Das
Date: Fri Nov 18 2005 - 07:51:47 EST

Ye...I know of tee.

But the issue here is I have a HUGE Compiler (an Simulation tool) in which thousands of places there are "printf" statements to print messages to STDOUT stream. Now, a requirement came up which needs all those messages thrown to STDOUT also to be logged in a LOGFILE (in addition to STDOUT). Yes, this can be done through tee...but the usage model of the compiler doesn't leave that possibility open for me.

So, am looking for a solution inside the Compiler code.


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Arijit Das <Arijit.Das@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Is it possible to have File Stream Mapping in Linux? What I mean is
> this...
> FILE * fp1 = fopen("/foo", "w");
> FILE * fp2 = fopen("/bar", "w");
> FILE * fp_common = <Stream_Mapping_Func>(fp1, fp2);
> fprint(fp_common, "This should be written to both files ... /foo and
> /bar");

It's a userspace problem. man "tee".

Doing this in the kernel would be horrible.

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