Re: Laptop mode causing writes to wrong sectors?

From: Bart Samwel
Date: Sat Nov 19 2005 - 03:45:54 EST

Pavel Machek wrote:
My laptop also has a spindown (five min from memory) and I have yet to have a problem with it. Don't know if any of that is "spindowns without laptopmode" in a useful sense.

Unless you can also reproduce the failure... no, probably does not help

Okay, let's recap.

* There are a lot of people who are not having problems. The people who *are* having problems can usually reproduce them. My interpretation: the problem is triggered by some hardware and/or kernel config settings.

* A significant proportion of the people who *do* have trouble see messages about DMA timeouts. The problems do also occur on other hardware, but seem to be most pronounced on Thinkpad T40s. On those machines, the DMA timeout problems are triggered *especially* when the madwifi drivers are loaded (see

Perhaps I should start collection kernel configs and hardware specs, see if there are any unexpected commonalities. The influence of the madwifi drivers suggest that we could be be looking for anything really. What do you think?

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