Re: ReiserFS: clm-2201: last flush, clm-2200: last commit

From: John Madden
Date: Sat Nov 19 2005 - 20:25:26 EST

On Saturday 12 November 2005 10:52 pm, John Madden wrote:
> ReiserFS: dm-5: warning: clm-2200: last commit 2158066944, current
> 2158066945 ReiserFS: dm-5: warning: clm-2201: last flush 2158065946,
> current 2158065947
> This is on both (last night) and as of tonight.  fsck
> reports no corruption and I have no reason other than these warnings to
> believe there is any, but this is (obviously) troubling nonetheless.  The
> relevant code is in fs/reiserfs/journal.c.  

FWIW, I've given up on this and moved the data to another filesystem on the
same box, now with no further errors. I hope at some point someone finds out
what causes what I can only assume to be filesystem trashing -- trashing that
fsck doesn't find.


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