Re: make kernelrelease ignoring LOCALVERSION_AUTO

From: James Cloos
Date: Sun Nov 20 2005 - 19:16:14 EST

>>>>> "Kasper" == Kasper Sandberg <lkml@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Kasper> (its what i do in my kernel install script)
Kasper> evan $(head -n 4 Makefile | sed -e 's/ //g')

Kasper> then in bash you can do this:

That is like what I used to do. I switched to $(make kernelrelease)
to deal with LOCALVERSION (which I use via a file) and now the auto
localversion (which adds a ref to the most recent git commit in the
compiling tree).

I did do the bisect (I cannot exaggerate how much faster is was after
a $(git-repack -a -d && git-prune-packed). Bigger than W.E.Coyote w/
a broken leg vs R.R in overdrive. :)

I'm posting the details separately.

James H. Cloos, Jr. <cloos@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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