Re: [PATCH 12/11] unpaged: fix sound Bad page states

From: William Lee Irwin III
Date: Mon Nov 21 2005 - 17:01:50 EST

On Mon, Nov 21, 2005 at 06:12:38PM +0000, Hugh Dickins wrote:
> Earlier I unifdefed PageCompound, so that snd_pcm_mmap_control_nopage
> and others can give out a 0-order component of a higher-order page,
> which won't be mistakenly freed when zap_pte_range unmaps it. But
> many Bad page states reported a PG_reserved was freed after all: I had
> missed that we need to say __GFP_COMP to get compound page behaviour.
> Some of these higher-order pages are allocated by snd_malloc_pages, some
> by snd_malloc_dev_pages; or if SBUS, by sbus_alloc_consistent - but that
> has no gfp arg, so add __GFP_COMP into its sparc32/64 implementations.
> I'm still rather puzzled that DRM seems not to need a similar change.
> Signed-off-by: Hugh Dickins <hugh@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Acked-by: William Irwin <wli@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

-- wli
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