Re: CIFS improvements/wider testing needed

Date: Tue Nov 22 2005 - 05:36:46 EST

Steve French wrote:
>> Steve French wrote:
>>> Eric,
>> Well I would be surprised the "cat >> titi" command does any of this
>> byte range lock. If the "create and later rewrite the same file"
>> sequence fails, with a simple cat command (cat > titi ... ^D; cat >>
>> titi), how can it works with complicated applications?
> Make sure that you let me know if your cat example works when mounted
> with the relatively new "noperm" mount option on the client. At least
> then we will know whether we are looking at a problem with access
> control on the server (ntfs acls) or client (unix mode bits and the
> .permission entry point)

The simple "cat > titi ..^D ; cat >> titi" case works when mounted with
the noperm option.

BTW : the fstab content is now :

\\r-canaris\ceva6380 /network/home cifs
ambaShareId 0 0

and the .sambaShareId contains my windows domain (FTRD) login id (same
as $USER value BTW) and the associated password and "umask" at shell
prompts return 0022.

Hope this helps.

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