Re: Linux 2.6.15-rc2

From: Michael Krufky
Date: Tue Nov 22 2005 - 20:55:35 EST

Gene Heskett wrote:

.ko needs unknown symbol nxt200x_attach.

Gene has sent me a copy of his .config ... here are the relevant lines:


# CONFIG_VIDEO_CX88_DVB_MT352 is not set
# CONFIG_VIDEO_CX88_DVB_CX22702 is not set
# CONFIG_VIDEO_CX88_DVB_LGDT330X is not set
# CONFIG_VIDEO_CX88_DVB_NXT200X is not set


# CONFIG_DVB_NXT200X is not set
# CONFIG_DVB_OR51211 is not set
# CONFIG_DVB_BCM3510 is not set


A configuration like this should have compiled cx88-dvb without any references to nxt200x at all.

Gene, do you have v4l-kernel cvs installed on top of kernel 2.6.15-rc2? Unless I'm missing something, it seems that this is the only way that you could have nxt200x support in cx88-dvb without having built the nxt200x module itself. The v4l-kernel cvs build environment has nxt200x enabled by default when building against kernels 2.6.15 and later.

If this is true, then you can either disable nxt200x in v4l-kernel/v4l/Makefile, or re-build the cvs modules using the dvb + v4l merged-tree build environment.

This would, in effect, give the same result as if you had selected CONFIG_VIDEO_CX88_DVB_ALL_FRONTENDS (selected by default in Kconfig)

...or maybe you initially started a kernel build with the nxt200x module selected, then stopped the compile, unselected nxt200x, and continued the build process without cleaning in between, and after cx88-dvb had already been built? Hmm... I guess that might be a bit far-fetched... but to be sure, you can wipe out your kernel tree and rebuild it again from scratch using the same .config .

If my assumption above is incorrect, then this will need to be looked into a bit deeper. Please, let me know.


Michael Krufky
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