Re: i686 hang on boot in userspace

From: Roman Zippel
Date: Mon Jul 17 2006 - 06:50:46 EST


On Fri, 14 Jul 2006, Uwe Bugla wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> first of all thanks to the explanatory hints how a magic Sysrq key works â I've learned a lot.
> I first pressed ALT + PrintScreen + P, then ALT + PrintScreen + T.
> To avoid wordwrapping or other unwanted effects please see the resulting kern.log as outline attachment.
> Could someone please explain to me what's behind that cryptic code?

It shows what the kernel is currently is doing and where it's spending the
First, your kernel buffer log buffer seems a little small, so not
everything is captured. Could you increase the number in the "Kernel log
buffer size" option (it's in the "Kernel debugging" part of the "Kernel
hacking" menu).
Second, could you press ALT+PrintScreen+P a few more times (maybe around
10 at least) while the kernel hangs? This would should where the cpu is
spending its time and whether it's at a single place or at different

bye, Roman