Re: [OT] Vacation message heckling (Was: Re: Richard Dent - AnnualLeave)

From: Jan Engelhardt
Date: Tue Jul 18 2006 - 18:04:10 EST

> And when you on top of that send the mail to a public mailing list,
> well, it's hardly confidential any more by anyones standards...
> Complete and utter nonsense if you ask me.
Just too lazy to turn it off for 'that one' mail to a public place.

The following note spans every "welcome" mail for some lists I run...

"Please make sure, should you be away, that *NO* auto-response messages
(like "I'm out of office until ...") appear on the list. Failure to do
so will get you removed from the mailing list."

Either nobody's gone on vacation anymore or they stick to it. :)

Jan Engelhardt
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