Re: Generic B-tree implementation

From: Vishal Patil
Date: Wed Jul 19 2006 - 09:32:54 EST

I can get rid of recursions using loops, will need to work a little more on it.

Also I will be working on developing a patch for VM management using
B-trees instead of RB-trees.

- Vishal

On 7/19/06, Anton Altaparmakov <aia21@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Tue, 2006-07-18 at 11:22 -0400, Vishal Patil wrote:
> B-trees are good for parellel updates as well. Anyway it would be
> great to have inputs from other folks about how B-trees could help
> inside the kernel (if at all)

B-trees are mostly used in file systems in the kernel. For example NTFS
and HFS (and I think HPFS) use B-trees for various metadata like
directory indexes for example.

But of course your implementation is purely userspace and cannot be used
in the kernel (you use recursion for example...) so I am not sure how
you envisage to help the kernel with your code...

Best regards,

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