Re: suspend/hibernate to work on thinkpad x60s?

From: George Nychis
Date: Wed Jul 19 2006 - 11:52:06 EST

Ok, well on my second try suspending to disk and resuming, i'm getting a
much different outcome... ls returns me resuls, however things are
slightly off:

x60s gnychis # ls
ls: downloads: Permission denied
ls: host_analysis: Permission denied
ls: SouthPark: Permission denied
ls: library: Permission denied
ls: cmu_dump: Permission denied
ls: emulator: Permission denied
ls: paper-KanKat.pdf: Permission denied
ls: quotes: Permission denied
ls: school: Permission denied
ls: cmu_dump2: Permission denied
host_graphs host_level key mp3 odigw_k_pinw.wma out-5M pops song thesis_rwork todo
x60s gnychis # /etc/init.d/net.wlan0 restart
mkdir: cannot create directory `/var/lib/init.d/snapshot/9985':
Input/output error
cp: target `/var/lib/init.d/snapshot/9985/' is not a directory: No such
file or directory
* Stopping wlan0
* Bringing down wlan0
/lib/rcscripts/net.modules.d/ifconfig: line 139: /usr/bin/tac: cannot
execute binary file
* Stopping dhcpcd on wlan0 ...
[ ok ]
* Shutting down wlan0 ...
[ ok ]
* Starting wlan0
* Configuring wireless network for wlan0
* wlan0 connected to "SMC" at 00:04:E2:7D:D3:E3
* in managed mode (WEP enabled - open)
* Bringing up wlan0
* dhcp
* Running dhcpcd ...
[ ok ]
* wlan0 received address
x60s gnychis # ping
bash: ping: command not found

No clue :\


Rafael J. Wysocki wrote:
> On Wednesday 19 July 2006 17:28, George Nychis wrote:
>> Oh, and what should the default resume partition be (for
>> CONFIG_SOFTWARE_SUSPEND)? my root partition?
> No, your swap partition, but you don't need to set it.
> It can also be passed to the kernel with the resume= command line argument.
>> Rafael J. Wysocki wrote:
>>> On Tuesday 18 July 2006 17:26, George Nychis wrote:
>>>> acpid has been started, however there is no /sys/power/disk
>>> Have you set CONFIG_SOFTWARE_SUSPEND in .config?
>>> Rafael
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