Re: Fwd: Using select in boolean dependents of a tristate symbol

From: Valdis . Kletnieks
Date: Wed Jul 19 2006 - 16:39:31 EST

On Wed, 19 Jul 2006 16:17:38 EDT, Dmitry Torokhov said:

> Another question for you - what is the best way to describe
> dependancy of a sub-option on a subsystem so you won't end up with the
> subsystem as a module and user built in. Something like
> config IBM_ASM
> tristate "Device driver for IBM RSA service processor"
> depends on X86 && PCI && EXPERIMENTAL
> ...
> config IBM_ASM_INPUT
> bool "Support for remote keyboard/mouse"
> depends on IBM_ASM && (INPUT=y || INPUT=IMB_ASM)
> But the above feels yucky. Could we have something like:
> depends on matching(INPUT, IBM_ASM)

What feels yucky is the dependency of a 'bool' on a tristate. Does the
ASM_INPUT get used in places where the source file can only be a builtin,
not a module?

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