Re: FAQ updated (was Re: XFS breakage...)

From: David Greaves
Date: Thu Jul 20 2006 - 09:28:20 EST

Nathan Scott wrote:
> Correction there - no -stable exists with this yet, I guess that'll
> be once its out though.
>> what action do you suggest i do now?
> I've captured the state of this issue here, with options and ways
> to correct the problem:
> Hope this helps.

It does, thanks :)

Does this problem exist in 2.16.6.x??

>From various comments like:
Unless 2.6.16.x is a dead-end could we please also have this patch put
into there?
a result (I believe) of the corruption bug that was in 2.6.16/17.
I just want to confirm this bug as well and unfortunately it was my
system disk too who had to take the hit. Im running 2.6.16
I assume it does.

But the FAQ says:
Q: What is the issue with directory corruption in Linux 2.6.17?
In the Linux kernel 2.6.17 release a subtle bug...

which implies it's not...


So given this is from
* One less used entry in the free table.
INT_MOD(free->hdr.nused, ARCH_CONVERT, -1);
xfs_dir2_free_log_header(tp, fbp);

and it looks awfully similar to the patch which says:

--- linux-
+++ linux-
@@ -970,7 +970,7 @@ xfs_dir2_leafn_remove(
* One less used entry in the free table.
- free->hdr.nused = cpu_to_be32(-1);
+ be32_add(&free->hdr.nused, -1);
xfs_dir2_free_log_header(tp, fbp);

Should 2.6.16.x replace
INT_MOD(free->hdr.nused, ARCH_CONVERT, -1);
be32_add(&free->hdr.nused, -1);

I hope so because I assumed there simply wasn't a patch for 2.6.16 and
applied this 'best guess' to my servers and rebooted/remounted successfully.


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