reiser4 status (correction)

From: Hans Reiser
Date: Thu Jul 20 2006 - 18:57:11 EST

Well, it seems we still aren't quite as stable as we were 6 months ago (the new reduced cpu usage code was extensive, as was the VFS change code), and we know of a bug we can reproduce using our standard tests. Also, it seems we can oops when a particular program is run to consume all memory (thanks Jate for finding it). Hopefully things will be more stable next week.... Us developers are using the new code on our workstations without problem though.

On a more positive note, Reiser4.1 is getting closer to release.... It is working fine for the developer coding it, and we are scheduling code reviews for it and defining migration paths, etc. Hopefully in 2 months it will ship.

The big issue with 4.1 is that we are having to deal with all the issues of REALLY allowing users to change default plugins, etc., and finding we missed details. We will say more later.

Thanks for your patience,

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