Re: reiser4 status (correction)

From: Hans Reiser
Date: Fri Jul 21 2006 - 05:42:26 EST

David Masover wrote:

> Hans Reiser wrote:
>> On a more positive note, Reiser4.1 is getting closer to release....
> Good news! But it's been awhile since I've followed development, and
> the homepage seems out of date (as usual). Where can I find a list of
> changes since v4?
> By "out of date", I mean things like this:
> "Reiser4.1 will modify the repacker to insert controlled "air holes",
> as it is well known that insertion efficiency is harmed by overly
> tight packing."

Sigh, no, the repacker will probably be after 4.1....

The list of tasks for zam looks something like:

fix bugs that arise

debug read optimization code (CPU reduction only, has no effect on IO),
1 week est. (would be nice if it was less)

review compression code 1 day per week until it ships.

fix fsync performance (est. 1 week of time to make post-commit writes
asynchronous, maybe 3 weeks to create fixed-reserve for write twice
blocks, and make all fsync blocks write twice)

write repacker (12 weeks).

I am not sure that putting the repacker after fsync is the right choice....

The task list for vs looks like:

* fix bugs as they arise.

* fix whatever lkml complains about that either seems reasonable, or
that akpm agrees with.

* Help edward get the compression plugins out the door.

* Improve fsck's time performance.

* Fix any V3 bugs that Chris and Jeff don't fix for us. Which reminds
me, I need to check on whether the 90% full bug got fixed....

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