Re: O2micro smartcard reader driver.

From: Eric Piel
Date: Tue Nov 28 2006 - 05:13:58 EST

11/27/2006 06:28 PM, Laurent Bigonville wrote/a Ãcrit:

I found a thread (about one month old) about an OZ711Mx (O2micro mmc
card reader) driver, but unfortunately it uses some closed-source
code.[1] :(

But I found no thread about the kernel driver for the O2micro PCMCIA
smartcard reader. So I would like to know if there is any chance that
this driver may be included in the mainline kernel.
The source are LGPL'ed and available via the musclecard website[2]. And
I found a patch to make it compile with kernel > 2.6.13 on the ubuntu
support site[3]. AFAIK the module work, the only issue I have is a
small hang when inserting a card in the reader.

If some one could have a look at this.

Actually, this has been discussed on the MUSCLE mailing list (as implied in the ubuntu bug report): I've upgraded the driver to be compiled on 2.6.17. It works fine (even better actually) with 2.6.18 and 2.6.19.

Latest version I've published is there:

Since then, I've cleaned up the code a bit, but no bug fix. I'll try to update the version when I'm back home today ;-)

Actually, I've never submitted the driver to the LKML mainly due to lack of test. I don't have any usable smartcard to check that everything works. If you could confirm it works, or tell me where it fails, it would be great!

c u,
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