Re: [PATCH 1/5] um: Use __i386__ in ifdef for vsyscall exports, notSUBARCH_i386

From: Al Viro
Date: Wed Aug 10 2011 - 13:44:42 EST

> FWIW, what I'm seeing there is chan_interrupt() with tty that has definitely
> been kfree'd. What happens is that we have several opened files for
> given tty and they all get closed in parallel. Now, ->release() of
> tty calls ->close() of driver (line_close() in this case) and then
> gets around to decrementing tty->count. As the result, *all* callers
> of line_close() see line->tty->count > 1 and leave line->tty not reset to
> NULL. Oops...
> Moral: do not use the counters on upper layer objects unless you know
> what you are doing *and* know what will happen to that upper layer in
> years to come...

Fixed and pushed (um-header.git #master); however, looking around that area
shows more races ;-/ Incidentally, why the hell is ->chan_list a cyclic list?
Holding at most two elements... Why not an array of two possibly NULL
pointers? And what is chan->primary? Unless I'm seriously misreading that
code, it's always 1; moreover, all instances of the method that gets ->primary
value as argument ignore that argument completely...
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