Re: [PATCH] mm: Switch NUMA_BUILD and COMPACTION_BUILD to new IS_ENABLED()syntax

From: Michal Marek
Date: Thu Aug 11 2011 - 09:12:51 EST

On 11.8.2011 15:01, Michal Hocko wrote:
> On Thu 11-08-11 14:51:33, Michal Hocko wrote:
>> On Wed 10-08-11 17:12:40, Michal Marek wrote:
>>> Introduced in 3.1-rc1, IS_ENABLED(CONFIG_NUMA) expands to a true value
>>> iff CONFIG_NUMA is set. This makes it easier to grep for code that
>>> depends on CONFIG_NUMA.
> I have just looked closer at all available macros. Wouldn't it make more
> sense to use IS_BUILTIN instead? Both symbols can be only on or off.
> Not that it would make any difference in the end. I even like IS_ENABLED
> naming more.

IS_ENABLED() and IS_BUILTIN() are equivalent for boolean symbols.
IS_BUILTIN() and IS_MODULE() are meant for the (rare) case when someone
needs to distinguish between built in and module for tristate options in
the code.

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