XFS status update for July 2011

From: Christoph Hellwig
Date: Sun Aug 14 2011 - 19:12:28 EST

July finally saw the release of Linux 3.0, including a relatively small XFS

37 files changed, 1168 insertions(+), 847 deletions(-)

The primary news in this release is a complete rework of the busy extent
tracking, which speeds up allocation heavy multithreaded workloads. This
feature also allowed adding support for discard support at transaction
commit time using the discard mount option. While the implementation of
discards in XFS is state of the art it should be considered mostly a
technology preview until various efficiency issue in the block layer
discard support are sorted out. Another important feature visible to
users is that XFS now supports using external logs even when using volatile
write caches, although the implementation is not fully optimized yet,
the rest of the changes consists of the usual pile of bug fixes and a
relatively small set of cleanups. After the release of Linux 3.0 the
merge window for Linux 3.1 also fell mostly into July. The XFS merge
for 3.1 included further speedups for the AIL code, and a huge amount
of cleanups.

On the userspace side the biggest item was the merge of the libxfs resync
with the Linux 2.6.39 kernel code. In addition to that xfsprogs saw small
xfs_repair updates, xfstests saw various fixes to fsx, and various build
system fixes were commit to all userspace repositories.
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