Re: [PATCH] s3c2410: remove __ioaddrc()

From: Russell King - ARM Linux
Date: Mon Oct 31 2011 - 06:11:51 EST

On Sat, Oct 29, 2011 at 05:32:29PM -0200, Cesar Eduardo Barros wrote:
> While looking at s3c2410's mach/io.h, I noticed the #define for
> __ioaddr() looked wrong. While the #defines above it called the "c"
> suffixed variant when __builtin_constant_p() was true, the one for
> __ioaddr() called the "c" suffixed variant (__ioaddrc()) when
> __builtin_constant_p() was *false*.
> Looking further, I noticed that __ioaddr() and __ioaddrc() were
> identical, the only difference being that __ioaddr() is an inline
> function and __ioaddrc() is a macro.
> __ioaddrc() is not used anywhere else. There were similar constructs,
> also reversed from what I'd expect, in both mach-clps7500 (removed from
> the kernel in 2.6.29) and mach-rpc. The copy in mach-rpc was removed in
> commit 6de2c31d3dad7384b3efa03674bd6ed479d58cb2 (rpc: remove obsolete IO
> accessors).
> Since __ioaddrc() is both redundant and useless, has no other uses, and
> has already been removed in mach-rpc, remove it also in mach-s3c2410.

Good. Now, what about that horrible fudge in the inb/outb etc accessors.
Can that be killed off as well?
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