Re: [PATCH v2 1/4] ARM: dts: omap5: Update GPIO with address spaceand interrupts

From: Jon Hunter
Date: Tue Oct 23 2012 - 11:59:05 EST

On 10/23/2012 10:09 AM, Benoit Cousson wrote:
> On 10/23/2012 04:49 PM, Jon Hunter wrote:
>> Hi Seb,
>> On 10/23/2012 03:37 AM, Sebastien Guiriec wrote:
>>> Add base address and interrupt line inside Device Tree data for
>>> OMAP5
>>> Signed-off-by: Sebastien Guiriec <s-guiriec@xxxxxx>
>>> ---
>>> arch/arm/boot/dts/omap5.dtsi | 16 ++++++++++++++++
>>> 1 file changed, 16 insertions(+)
>>> diff --git a/arch/arm/boot/dts/omap5.dtsi b/arch/arm/boot/dts/omap5.dtsi
>>> index 42c78be..9e39f9f 100644
>>> --- a/arch/arm/boot/dts/omap5.dtsi
>>> +++ b/arch/arm/boot/dts/omap5.dtsi
>>> @@ -104,6 +104,8 @@
>>> gpio1: gpio@4ae10000 {
>>> compatible = "ti,omap4-gpio";
>>> + reg = <0x4ae10000 0x200>;
>>> + interrupts = <0 29 0x4>;
>>> ti,hwmods = "gpio1";
>>> gpio-controller;
>>> #gpio-cells = <2>;
>> I am wondering if we should add the "interrupt-parent" property to add
>> nodes in the device-tree source. I know that today the interrupt-parent
>> is being defined globally, but when device-tree maps an interrupt for a
>> device it searches for the interrupt-parent starting the current device
>> node.
>> So in other words, for gpio1 it will search the gpio1 binding for
>> "interrupt-parent" and if not found move up a level and search again. It
>> will keep doing this until it finds the "interrupt-parent".
>> Therefore, I believe it will improve search time and hence, boot time if
>> we have interrupt-parent defined in each node.
> Mmm, I'm not that sure. it will increase the size of the blob, so
> increase the time to load it and then to parse it. Where in the current
> case, it is just going up to the parent node using the already
> un-flatten tree in memory and thus that should not take that much time.

Yes it will definitely increase the size, so that could slow things down.

> That being said, it might be interesting to benchmark that to see what
> is the real impact.

Right, I wonder what the key functions are we need to benchmark to get
an overall feel for what is best? Right now I am seeing some people add
the interrupt-parent for device nodes and others not. Ideally we should
be consistent, but at the same time it is probably something that we can
easily sort out later. So not a big deal either way.

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