perf: report loops endlessly if record was killed via SIGTERM

From: Mike Galbraith
Date: Mon Apr 29 2013 - 04:00:29 EST

Boring notabug report, but..

(Dr. Dr., perf acts all dainbramaged when you shoot it in the head)

reproducer: perf record -a -g& sleep 1;whatever;killall perf

Discovered because AIM7 needs input, and does not run properly when
profiled via the more conventional perf record -a -g -- ./multitask -nl
-f. Ergo, start perf record, run AIM7, kill perf. Say SIGINT instead,
and it works as expected. SIGTERM leaves in a bad state that
report can't deal with, but it'll happily keep trying forever.

Only mentioned because some other user might try to workaround input
nogo thingy and meet the same.


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