Re: [PATCH] staging: usbip: convert usbip-host driver to usb_device_driver

From: Valentina Manea
Date: Thu Jan 23 2014 - 16:10:45 EST

> If you don't bind the interfaces, they will naturally bind to their
> normal drivers on the host. You probably don't want that to happen.
> (Although, at the moment, I don't see how you can prevent it.)

That's true but, the way I see USB/IP general use case, the drivers
from the host the device is physically attached to won't even be
actually used, since the host doesn't use the device. However, I can't
think of a way to enforce this.

> Also, in your patch, stub_probe() calls usb_choose_configuration().
> Shouldn't that be done by the client, since the client now has access
> to the entire device?

I think the normal user just wants things *to work*. Surely, for
advanced user an option for choosing the configuration could be added
but I, personally, don't see it as a necessity at this point.

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