v3.14-rc1+: new error: "nsc-ircc, Wrong chip version ff"

From: Paul Bolle
Date: Sun Mar 16 2014 - 17:42:21 EST


0) Ever since v3.14-rc1 I've noticed two new boot messages on an,
outdated, ThinkPad X41:
nsc-ircc, Found chip at base=0x164e
nsc-ircc, Wrong chip version ff

The first is printed at info level, so I would have ignored it, but the
second is printed at error level.

1) I've finally managed to bisect these messages to commit 202317a573b2
("ACPI / scan: Add acpi_device objects for all device nodes in the
namespace"). That's a rather big commit, so I've not even bothered to
try to revert it on top on v3.14-rc6.

2) What should I do to make that error go away?

Paul Bolle

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