Re: [PATCH v7 1/2] video: ARM CLCD: Add DT support

From: Pawel Moll
Date: Mon Jun 23 2014 - 10:23:53 EST

On Mon, 2014-06-23 at 15:10 +0100, Russell King - ARM Linux wrote:
> As far as the CLD outputs are concerned, they are standard. The PLD on
> their outputs routes the CLD bits to the 8-bit red, green and blue
> channels according to the configuration of SYS_CLCD to achieve the
> various colour formats which the CLCD does not natively provide for.
> So, it /is/ a PL110 with an independent external muxer.

Cool, this means that one can still use this property do define which
CLDs are wired to R/G/B-0s and make an informed decision in the driver
based on this (although with a separate compatible value it won't be
really necessary).


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