Questions About a Semi-Soft irqchip Device

From: Jon Loeliger
Date: Tue Jul 08 2014 - 10:02:19 EST


I have a few questions about an interrupt controller IP block
that I would like to support in an ARM SoC port.

My IP block provides software-assignable interrupts. That
is, I have a large pool of interrupt sources, and a large pool
of interrupt bits in the controller, but they are not physically
tied together. Instead they are assigned by some driver as it
initializes and allocates resources. This, I think, means that
I can not describe the interrupt bindings in the DTS file.

So, my first question is: Should I still write an irqchip device
for this IP block and represent it in the device tree, even
though I will not be able to use it as the referee of an
interrupt = < ... > binding? I think I should primarily because
other drivers will still need to set up IRQ handling through
this device.

Another question: This device has a muti-32-bit-word
bit-field representation for the interrupt lines. It has a
parallel array of words for clearing the interrupt. Is there
an existing irqchip that I can directly leverage that fits
that description?

Thank you,
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