Re: [PATCH v2] cpufreq: Don't destroy/realloc policy/sysfs on hotplug/suspend

From: Saravana Kannan
Date: Mon Jul 14 2014 - 15:10:34 EST

On 07/13/2014 11:13 PM, Viresh Kumar wrote:
On 12 July 2014 08:36, Saravana Kannan <skannan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 07/10/2014 11:19 PM, Viresh Kumar wrote:

Please make sure you take care of these issues:
- suspend/resume
- hotplug
- module insert/remove

Ok, I was just at the current code. Does cpufreq_unregister_driver() even
really work correctly as it stands?

It doesn't even seem to stop any of the governors/policies before it just
set the cpufreq_driver pointer to NULL.

So, technically my v2 patch doesn't even make anything worse when it comes
to unregistering the cpufreq driver.

Are you really sure about this? I have tested this *myself* earlier..

subsys_interface_unregister() should take care of stopping/freeing governor

I was asking this question based on looking at the code. Didn't actually try it -- sent it just before being done for the day. I didn't know about the subsys_interface_unregister() coming into play here. I'll take a look.

Thanks for the pointer.


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