Re: new mailing list for union/overlay filesystems?

From: Hans-Peter Jansen
Date: Mon Jul 14 2014 - 15:13:07 EST

Dear David,

sorry for the late chime in.

On Mittwoch, 25. Juni 2014 15:54:59 David Miller wrote:
> From: Miklos Szeredi <miklos@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2014 14:36:50 +0200
> > There's interest in having a mailing list specifically for "union
> > filesystem" like solutions (currently active projects are aufs,
> > union-mounts and overlayfs).
> >
> > Would it be possible to create one on vger for this purpose?
> I've created linux-unionfs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

While this is a great move, it's also a little unfortunate, since it is the
name of exactly one layered filesystem solution out of 4 existing ones
(ignoring vaporware).

A neutral name would have been linux-layeredfs, and as long as nobody objects,
I kindly ask you to rename it (as in creating such a ml, and silently phase
out this one..). Given that 13 people are subscribed by now, that's hopefully
acceptable for all participants.

BTW, all solutions organize the fs join by layering them. ;)

A layered fs user since about a decade,

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