location for new bus driver-- drivers/bus? drivers/misc?

From: Stuart Yoder
Date: Mon Aug 11 2014 - 12:25:55 EST


We (Freescale) have a patch series nearly ready to send out
for a new bus driver. It's for a block we call the Freescale
'Management Complex' which manages discoverable hardware objects.
The Linux bus driver enumerates these objects, binds discovered
objects to drivers just like PCI or any normal bus driver.

Question is-- where should this go in the kernel and who would
the maintainer be to cc: the RFC? I don't think it warrants
a top level driver directory beside pci, usb, etc. Most likely
place is drivers/bus or drivers/misc (?).

We currently have it in drivers/bus, but as far as I can see
there is no maintainer per se for that directory. You and
Arnd manage misc so thought I would ask.

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