Re: location for new bus driver-- drivers/bus? drivers/misc?

From: gregkh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon Aug 11 2014 - 14:38:06 EST

On Mon, Aug 11, 2014 at 04:25:49PM +0000, Stuart Yoder wrote:
> Greg,
> We (Freescale) have a patch series nearly ready to send out
> for a new bus driver. It's for a block we call the Freescale
> 'Management Complex' which manages discoverable hardware objects.
> The Linux bus driver enumerates these objects, binds discovered
> objects to drivers just like PCI or any normal bus driver.

Sounds good.

> Question is-- where should this go in the kernel and who would
> the maintainer be to cc: the RFC? I don't think it warrants
> a top level driver directory beside pci, usb, etc. Most likely
> place is drivers/bus or drivers/misc (?).
> We currently have it in drivers/bus, but as far as I can see
> there is no maintainer per se for that directory. You and
> Arnd manage misc so thought I would ask.

I don't remember why drivers/bus/ came about, Arnd, you created it,
should we be putting random bus controllers in this directory?

And if so, sure, I can maintain drivers/bus/ along with the misc/char
drivers, it's not a big deal.


greg k-h
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