Re: [PATCH v3 4/5] i2c: davinci: use bus recovery infrastructure

From: Grygorii.Strashko@xxxxxxxxxx
Date: Mon Apr 06 2015 - 12:28:19 EST

On 04/06/2015 07:09 PM, Wolfram Sang wrote:

Of course, i2c_davinci_wait_bus_not_busy() has to be fixed first
as proposed by Alexander Sverdlin here:

Okay, good that you said it. So I'll give his patch series priority over
this one.

Sorry, but this series already mises few merge windows and it has a lot
of revied-by and tested-by, so could we proceed please?

Re-based & re-sent

??? Didn't you say above that Alexaders's patch is needed first?

Sorry for misunderstanding.

I said that if We'd like to continue and optimize more recovery path
then yes - Alexaders's patch will be needed (patch 2 from his series
[PATCH 2/3] i2c: davinci: Refactor i2c_davinci_wait_bus_not_busy(), which, in turn need to be rebased as the first one in his series and re-send). And in my opinion all such improvements could be done by subsequent patches.

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