Re: [PATCH 0/6] support "dataplane" mode for nohz_full

From: Chris Metcalf
Date: Mon May 11 2015 - 14:10:29 EST

A bunch of issues have been raised by various folks (thanks!) and
I'll try to break them down and respond to them in a few different
emails. This email is just about the issue of naming and whether the
proposed patch series should even have its own "name" or just be part

First, Ingo and Steven both suggested that this new "dataplane" mode
(or whatever we want to call it; see below) should just be rolled into
the existing NO_HZ_FULL and that we should focus on making that work

Steven writes:
All kidding aside, I think this is the real answer. We don't need a new
NO_HZ, we need to make NO_HZ_FULL work. Right now it doesn't do exactly
what it was created to do. That should be fixed.

The claim I'm making is that it's worthwhile to differentiate the two
semantics. Plain NO_HZ_FULL just says "kernel makes a best effort to
avoid periodic interrupts without incurring any serious overhead". My
patch series allows an app to request "kernel makes an absolute
commitment to avoid all interrupts regardless of cost when leaving
kernel space". These are different enough ideas, and serve different
enough application needs, that I think they should be kept distinct.

Frederic actually summed this up very nicely in his recent email when
he wrote "some people may expect hard isolation requirement (Real
Time, deterministic latency) and others softer isolation (HPC, only
interested in performance, can live with one rare random tick, so no
need to loop before returning to userspace until we have the no-noise

So we need a way for apps to ask for the "harder" mode and let
the softer mode be the default.

What about naming? We may or may not want to have a Kconfig flag
for this, and we may or may not have a separate mode for it, but
we still will need some kind of name to talk about it with. (In
particular there's the prctl name, if we take that approach, and
potential boot command-line flags to consider naming for.)

I'll quickly cover the suggestions that have been raised:

- DATAPLANE. My suggestion, seemingly broadly disliked by folks
who felt it wasn't apparent what it meant. Probably a fair point.

- NO_INTERRUPTS (Andrew). Captures some of the sense, but was
criticized pretty fairly by Ingo as being too negative, confusing
with perf nomenclature, and too long :-)

- PURE (Ingo). Proposed as an alternative to NO_HZ_FULL, but we could
use it as a name for this new mode. However, I think it's not clear
enough how FULL and PURE can/should relate to each other from the
names alone.

- BARE_METAL (me). Ingo observes it's confusing with respect to

- TASK_SOLO (Gilad). Not sure this conveys enough of the semantics.

ideas :-)

- ISOLATION (Frederic). I like this but it conflicts with other uses
of "isolation" in the kernel: cgroup isolation, lru page isolation,
iommu isolation, scheduler isolation (at least it's a superset of
that one), etc. Also, we're not exactly isolating a task - often
a "dataplane" app consists of a bunch of interacting threads in
userspace, so not exactly isolated. So perhaps it's too confusing.

- OVERFLOWING (Steven) - not sure I understood this one, honestly.

I suggested earlier a few other candidates that I don't love, but no

One thing I'm leaning towards is to remove the intermediate state of
DATAPLANE_ENABLE and say that there is really only one primary state,
DATAPLANE_QUIESCE (or whatever we call it). The "dataplane but no
quiesce" state probably isn't that useful, since it doesn't offer the
hard guarantee that is the entire point of this patch series. So that
opens the idea of using the name NO_HZ_QUIESCE or just QUIESCE as the
word that describes the mode; of course this sort of conflicts with
RCU quiesce (though it is a superset of that so maybe that's OK).

One new idea I had is to use NO_HZ_HARD to reflect what Frederic was
suggesting about "soft" and "hard" requirements for NO_HZ. So
enabling NO_HZ_HARD would enable my suggested QUIESCE mode.

One way to focus this discussion is on the user API naming. I had
prctl(PR_SET_DATAPLANE), which was attractive in being a "positive"
noun. A lot of the other suggestions fail this test in various way.
Reasonable candidates seem to be:


Another possibility:


Or take Andrew's NO_INTERRUPTS and have:


I slightly favor ISOLATION at this point despite the overlap with
other kernel concepts.

Let the bike-shedding continue! :-)

Chris Metcalf, EZChip Semiconductor

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