Re: [PATCH v3 09/10] KVM: MMU: fix MTRR update

From: Paolo Bonzini
Date: Wed May 13 2015 - 10:10:28 EST

On 13/05/2015 10:43, Wanpeng Li wrote:
> kvm_mmu_reset_context
> kvm_mmu_unload
> mmu_free_roots
> The original root shadow page will be freed in mmu_free_roots, where I
> miss?
> Another question maybe not related to this patch:
> If kvm_mmu_reset_context is just called to destroy the original root
> shadow page and all the sptes will remain valid?

SPTEs are kept around and cached. The "role" field is used as the hash
key; if the role doesn't change, SPTEs are reused, so you have to zap
the SPTEs explicitly.

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