Re: [PATCH] force inlining of spinlock ops

From: Denys Vlasenko
Date: Wed May 13 2015 - 10:10:13 EST

On 05/13/2015 12:43 PM, Ingo Molnar wrote:
> * Denys Vlasenko <dvlasenk@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> On 05/13/2015 12:17 PM, Ingo Molnar wrote:
>>>>> In any case, the interesting measurement would not be -Os comparisons
>>>>> (which causes GCC to be too crazy), but to see the size effect of your
>>>>> _patch_ that always-inlines spinlock ops, on plain defconfig and on
>>>>> defconfig-Os.
>>>> Here it is:
>>>> text data bss dec hex filename
>>>> 12335864 1746152 1081344 15163360 e75fe0 vmlinuxO2.before
>>>> 12335930 1746152 1081344 15163426 e76022 vmlinux
>>> Hm, that's a (small) size increase on O2.
>>> That might be a net positive though: because now we've eliminated
>>> quite a few function calls. Do we know which individual functions
>>> bloat and which debloat?
>>>> text data bss dec hex filename
>>>> 10373764 1684200 1077248 13135212 c86d6c vmlinuxOs.before
>>>> 10363621 1684200 1077248 13125069 c845cd vmlinux
>>> A decrease - which gets exploded on allyesconfig.
>>> So as long as the -O2 case does not get hurt we can do -Os fixes.
>>> I think this needs a bit more work to ensure that the O2 case is a
>>> net win.
>> I think O2 difference is just noise: with -O2 gcc is far less prone
>> to bogus deinlining, my patch should have negligible effect. And
>> effect is indeed negligible: +70 bytes on 12 megabytes.
> So the patch force-inlines about a dozen locking APIs:
> - Some of those decrease the defconfig kernel size.
> Which ones and by how much?
> - Some of those increase the defconfig kernel size.
> Which ones and by how much?
> We only know that the net effect is +70 bytes. Does that come out of:
> - large fluctuations such as -1000-1000+1000+1070, which happens to
> net out into a small net number?
> - or does it come from much smaller fluctuations?
> So to make an informed decision we need to know those details.

Fair enough. Let's investigate.

I produced a list of functions with their sizes from each vmlinux,
and diffed them:

$ nm --size-sort vmlinux | sed 's/\.[0-9]*.*/.NNN/' >vmlinux.nm
$ nm --size-sort vmlinuxO2.before | sed 's/\.[0-9]*.*/.NNN/' >vmlinuxO2.before.nm
$ diff -u vmlinuxO2.before.nm vmlinux.nm | grep -v '^[ @]' >vmlinux.nm.dif

I see the following:

- spin_[un]lock_foo's are gone as expected.
- some other functions got spuriously deinlined
(such as __raw_spin_unlock).
- yet other functions which were spuriously deinlined before,
now aren't deinlined (such as nf_conntrack_put).

--- vmlinuxO2.before.nm 2015-05-13 15:46:37.147058665 +0200
+++ vmlinux.nm 2015-05-13 15:46:26.079086233 +0200
+0000000000000009 t ipc_unlock_object
+0000000000000009 t __raw_spin_unlock
+0000000000000009 t __raw_spin_unlock
-0000000000000009 t spin_unlock
-000000000000000b t spin_lock
-000000000000000b t spin_lock
-000000000000000b t spin_unlock_irqrestore
+000000000000000d t task_unlock
+0000000000000011 t arch_spin_is_locked
+0000000000000013 t double_unlock_hb
-000000000000001c t nf_conntrack_put
-000000000000001d t ctnetlink_done_list
+000000000000001e t unix_state_double_unlock
+0000000000000025 t check_and_drop
-0000000000000025 t hugetlbfs_inc_free_inodes.NNN
-0000000000000025 t sem_lock.NNN
-0000000000000027 t check_and_drop

- many other functions now have slightly different sizes.
For example:
ext4_mb_pa_callback grew from 0x28 to 0x2a bytes (+2 bytes)
hid_alloc_report_buf shrank from 0x2a to 0x28 bytes (-2 bytes)

-0000000000000028 t ext4_mb_pa_callback
+0000000000000028 T hid_alloc_report_buf
+0000000000000028 t nf_conntrack_double_unlock
+0000000000000029 t do_shm_rmid
+000000000000002a t ext4_mb_pa_callback
-000000000000002a T hid_alloc_report_buf

Let's take a look at ext4_mb_pa_callback.
The difference stems from gcc choosing a different scratch register:

<ext4_mb_pa_callback>: <ext4_mb_pa_callback>:
8b 47 14 mov 0x14(%rdi),%eax 8b 47 14 mov 0x14(%rdi),%eax
48 8d 77 e0 lea -0x20(%rdi),%rsi 48 8d 77 e0 lea -0x20(%rdi),%rsi
85 c0 test %eax,%eax 85 c0 test %eax,%eax
75 1b jne <ext4_mb_pa_callback+0x26> 75 19 jne <ext4_mb_pa_callback+0x24>
44 8b 57 18 mov 0x18(%rdi),%r10d 8b 7f 18 mov 0x18(%rdi),%edi
45 85 d2 test %r10d,%r10d 85 ff test %edi,%edi
74 14 je <ext4_mb_pa_callback+0x28> 74 14 je <ext4_mb_pa_callback+0x26>
55 push %rbp 55 push %rbp
48 8b 3d e4 b8 eb 00 mov 0xebb8e4(%rip),%rdi 48 8b 3d 96 c0 eb 00 mov 0xebc096(%rip),%rdi
48 89 e5 mov %rsp,%rbp 48 89 e5 mov %rsp,%rbp
e8 8c 3f f4 ff callq <kmem_cache_free> e8 fe 46 f4 ff callq <kmem_cache_free>
5d pop %rbp 5d pop %rbp
c3 retq c3 retq
0f 0b ud2 0f 0b ud2
0f 0b ud2 0f 0b ud2

Working with r10 requires REX prefix in two underlined instructions,
which caused function to grow by 2 bytes.

This is not in any way related to my patch.

I think this confirms my hypothesis that the difference of +70 bytes is noise.

The remainder of the diff is below:

-000000000000002b t do_shm_rmid
+000000000000002b T jbd2_journal_ack_err
-000000000000002c t ctnetlink_done
+000000000000002d t ctnetlink_done_list
-000000000000002d T jbd2_journal_ack_err
-000000000000002e t amd_iommu_stats_add
-000000000000002e t hid_parser_reserved
+0000000000000030 t amd_iommu_stats_add
+0000000000000030 t hid_parser_reserved
-0000000000000034 T acpi_ec_unblock_transactions
+0000000000000034 T usb_hub_to_struct_hub
-0000000000000036 t acpi_ec_stopped
+0000000000000036 T acpi_ec_unblock_transactions
-0000000000000037 T completion_done
-000000000000003c T usb_hub_to_struct_hub
+000000000000003e T completion_done
-000000000000003e t ehci_clear_tt_buffer.NNN
+000000000000003f t acpi_ec_gpe_handler
+000000000000003f t ehci_clear_tt_buffer.NNN
-0000000000000041 t acpi_ec_gpe_handler
+0000000000000042 T usb_wakeup_notification
-0000000000000044 T acpi_boot_ec_enable
-0000000000000044 T usb_wakeup_notification
+0000000000000045 T acpi_boot_ec_enable
-0000000000000046 t hugetlbfs_destroy_inode
+0000000000000047 t ctnetlink_done
+0000000000000049 T efivar_entry_iter
+000000000000004a t turn_on_io_watchdog
-000000000000004b T efivar_entry_iter
-000000000000004c t init_fat_fs
-000000000000004c t turn_on_io_watchdog
+000000000000004e t init_fat_fs
+0000000000000054 T shm_destroy_orphaned
-0000000000000055 t sem_wait_array
+0000000000000056 t dm_dirty_log_init
-0000000000000056 T shm_destroy_orphaned
-0000000000000057 t dm_dirty_log_init
+0000000000000058 t fat_evict_inode
+0000000000000058 t mirror_available
-0000000000000059 t mirror_available
-000000000000005a t fat_evict_inode
+000000000000005b t sem_wait_array
-000000000000005c T blk_pre_runtime_suspend
+000000000000005c t free_dev_data
-000000000000005d t free_dev_data
+000000000000005f t hugetlbfs_destroy_inode
+0000000000000064 T blk_pre_runtime_suspend
+0000000000000071 t metadata_show
+0000000000000071 t update_changeattr
-0000000000000072 t update_changeattr
-0000000000000073 t hugetlbfs_alloc_inode
-0000000000000076 t fat_calc_dir_size
+0000000000000079 t fat_calc_dir_size
-0000000000000079 t metadata_show
+000000000000007c t rtc_dev_open
+000000000000007d t hugetlbfs_alloc_inode
-000000000000007e t ptrace_unfreeze_traced.NNN
-000000000000007f t rtc_dev_open
+0000000000000080 t ptrace_unfreeze_traced.NNN
-0000000000000083 T vfs_whiteout
+0000000000000086 T vfs_whiteout
-0000000000000087 t read_disk_sb.NNN
+0000000000000089 T assert_forcewakes_inactive
+000000000000008a t read_disk_sb.NNN
-000000000000008b T assert_forcewakes_inactive
-000000000000008e t cache_ioctl.NNN
+0000000000000093 T usbhid_close
-0000000000000094 t nf_nat_init
+0000000000000095 t nf_nat_init
+0000000000000096 t cache_ioctl.NNN
+0000000000000096 t __lock_sock
-0000000000000096 T usbhid_close
-0000000000000097 t __lock_sock
+0000000000000098 T jbd2_trans_will_send_data_barrier
-000000000000009a T jbd2_trans_will_send_data_barrier
+000000000000009b T drm_crtc_vblank_reset
-000000000000009d T drm_crtc_vblank_reset
+00000000000000a6 T md_setup_cluster
+00000000000000aa t hugetlbfs_statfs
+00000000000000ab t uhci_hcd_init
-00000000000000ac t hugetlbfs_statfs
-00000000000000ac t uhci_hcd_init
+00000000000000b1 t gro_cell_poll
-00000000000000b2 t gro_cell_poll
+00000000000000b2 t nf_conntrack_double_lock
-00000000000000b4 T md_setup_cluster
-00000000000000b4 t pps_init
+00000000000000b5 t pps_init
-00000000000000bb T svc_authenticate
+00000000000000bd T svc_authenticate
-00000000000000be t ehci_poll_ASS
+00000000000000c1 t ehci_poll_PSS
+00000000000000c1 t loop_queue_write_work
+00000000000000c5 T usb_disable_lpm
+00000000000000c6 t ehci_poll_ASS
-00000000000000c7 t nf_conntrack_double_lock
-00000000000000c7 T usb_disable_lpm
-00000000000000c9 t ehci_poll_PSS
+00000000000000cb t xfrm_del_sa
+00000000000000cd t snd_timer_user_ccallback
-00000000000000d0 t xfrm_del_sa
+00000000000000d2 T d_prune_aliases
-00000000000000d4 T usb_sg_cancel
-00000000000000d5 t pci_pm_freeze_noirq
-00000000000000d5 t snd_timer_user_ccallback
+00000000000000d5 T usb_sg_cancel
+00000000000000d7 t pci_pm_freeze_noirq
-00000000000000d9 T d_prune_aliases
-00000000000000db t loop_queue_write_work
-00000000000000e9 t dentry_lru_isolate
+00000000000000ed t dentry_lru_isolate
+00000000000000f6 t max_sync_store
+00000000000000fa t slab_sysfs_init
+00000000000000fc T fat_attach
-00000000000000fc t slab_sysfs_init
-00000000000000fe T fat_attach
-00000000000000fe t max_sync_store
-00000000000000ff t slab_out_of_memory
+0000000000000100 t slab_out_of_memory
+0000000000000100 t tg3_nway_reset
-0000000000000102 t ctnetlink_dump_exp_ct
+0000000000000103 t calgary_fixup_tce_spaces
+0000000000000103 t ext4_inode_csum_set
-0000000000000103 t tg3_nway_reset
-0000000000000104 t calgary_fixup_tce_spaces
-0000000000000105 t __unmap_single.NNN
-0000000000000106 t acpi_ec_stop
-0000000000000107 t pktsched_init
+0000000000000107 t __unmap_single.NNN
+0000000000000108 t pktsched_init
-000000000000010b t ext4_inode_csum_set
+000000000000010f T drm_vblank_on
+0000000000000113 t ctnetlink_dump_exp_ct
-0000000000000115 t mddev_put
+0000000000000117 t nl80211_set_mac_acl
-0000000000000119 T drm_vblank_on
+000000000000011a t mddev_put
+000000000000011b T wait_for_completion_interruptible_timeout
-000000000000011c T wait_for_completion_interruptible_timeout
+0000000000000123 t acpi_ec_stop
+0000000000000125 t ext4_mb_simple_scan_group
-0000000000000125 t nfs_do_filldir
+0000000000000125 T remove_proc_subtree
-0000000000000127 t nl80211_set_mac_acl
+000000000000012b t azx_irq_pending_work
+000000000000012d t nfs_do_filldir
-000000000000012e T remove_proc_subtree
+0000000000000131 t store_uframe_periodic_max
-0000000000000133 t store_uframe_periodic_max
-0000000000000137 t ext4_mb_simple_scan_group
-0000000000000139 T jbd2_journal_put_journal_head
-000000000000013b t azx_irq_pending_work
+000000000000013b T jbd2_journal_put_journal_head
+000000000000013d t xfrm_add_policy
+0000000000000142 t serial8250_backup_timeout
-0000000000000145 t xfrm_add_policy
+000000000000014a T hid_dump_device
-000000000000014c t alloc_buddy_huge_page
+0000000000000151 t finish_urb
+0000000000000151 t submit_flushes
-0000000000000152 T hid_dump_device
-0000000000000152 t serial8250_backup_timeout
+0000000000000154 t alloc_buddy_huge_page
-0000000000000159 t submit_flushes
+000000000000015a T vfs_mknod
+000000000000015c T remove_proc_entry
-000000000000015e T remove_proc_entry
-0000000000000161 t finish_urb
+0000000000000162 t nv_remove
-0000000000000162 T vfs_mknod
+0000000000000165 T nf_ct_delete
-0000000000000166 t nv_nic_irq_rx
+0000000000000167 t nv_nic_irq_rx
-000000000000016a t nv_remove
-0000000000000174 T iommu_tbl_pool_init
-0000000000000175 t queue_process
+000000000000017c T iommu_tbl_pool_init
+0000000000000180 t queue_process
-0000000000000183 t ctnetlink_del_conntrack
-0000000000000185 T nf_ct_delete
-000000000000019f t ctnetlink_new_conntrack
-00000000000001aa t azx_attach_pcm_stream
-00000000000001aa t dump_header.NNN
+00000000000001ab t azx_attach_pcm_stream
+00000000000001ab t dump_header.NNN
+00000000000001ae t acpi_ec_add
-00000000000001b0 t acpi_ec_add
+00000000000001b2 t ctnetlink_del_conntrack
-00000000000001b8 t nv_close
+00000000000001c9 t ctnetlink_new_conntrack
-00000000000001d1 t ctnetlink_create_expect.NNN
+00000000000001dc t nv_close
+00000000000001e1 t ctnetlink_create_expect.NNN
-00000000000001e3 t ctnetlink_get_conntrack
-00000000000001f0 t ctnetlink_dump_table
+00000000000001f0 t hid_debug_rdesc_show
-00000000000001f8 t hid_debug_rdesc_show
-00000000000001fa T ata_task_ioctl
-00000000000001fa T dm_kcopyd_copy
+00000000000001fb t ctnetlink_dump_table
+00000000000001fc T dm_kcopyd_copy
+0000000000000202 T ata_task_ioctl
-0000000000000207 T usb_reset_device
-000000000000020c T inet_bind
+000000000000020f T usb_reset_device
+0000000000000212 t ctnetlink_get_conntrack
-000000000000021a t nl80211_send_mlme_event.NNN
+000000000000021c T inet_bind
+000000000000021c t nl80211_send_mlme_event.NNN
+0000000000000226 t nv_nic_irq_other
-000000000000022e T destroy_workqueue
-000000000000022e t nv_nic_irq_other
+0000000000000230 T destroy_workqueue
-0000000000000233 T netpoll_send_skb_on_dev
+0000000000000242 t snd_timer_user_read
-0000000000000245 t snd_timer_user_read
-000000000000024a t univ8250_setup_irq
+000000000000024b T netpoll_send_skb_on_dev
-000000000000024c t ctnetlink_dump_list
+000000000000024f t ctnetlink_dump_list
+0000000000000252 t univ8250_setup_irq
+0000000000000253 t unix_dgram_connect
-000000000000026f t ieee80211_tx_h_select_key
-0000000000000275 t remove_and_add_spares
+0000000000000277 t ieee80211_tx_h_select_key
+0000000000000277 t remove_and_add_spares
+0000000000000278 t slot_store
-0000000000000280 t slot_store
-0000000000000286 t d_walk
-0000000000000288 T sys_shmctl
-0000000000000288 T SyS_shmctl
-0000000000000291 t unix_dgram_connect
+00000000000002a3 t prepend_path
+00000000000002a4 t d_walk
+00000000000002a4 T sys_shmctl
+00000000000002a4 T SyS_shmctl
+00000000000002b6 t ext4_mb_find_by_goal
+00000000000002b6 T nf_conntrack_hash_check_insert
-00000000000002b7 t prepend_path
+00000000000002bf t nl80211_set_reg
-00000000000002c6 t ext4_mb_find_by_goal
+00000000000002c7 T __nf_conntrack_confirm
-00000000000002cf t nl80211_set_reg
-00000000000002f6 T nf_conntrack_hash_check_insert
-00000000000002ff T __nf_conntrack_confirm
-0000000000000308 T detect_calgary
+0000000000000309 T detect_calgary
-0000000000000326 t hiddev_read
-0000000000000328 t ext4_mb_generate_buddy
+0000000000000328 t hiddev_read
+0000000000000330 t ext4_mb_generate_buddy
-0000000000000345 t alps_process_touchpad_packet_v3_v5
-0000000000000346 t bsg_map_hdr.NNN
+0000000000000347 t bsg_map_hdr.NNN
+000000000000034c t nfs_end_delegation_return
+000000000000034d t alps_process_touchpad_packet_v3_v5
-000000000000035d t nfs_end_delegation_return
-0000000000000372 T oom_kill_process
+0000000000000373 T oom_kill_process
+0000000000000379 t acpi_ec_transaction
-0000000000000394 t acpi_ec_transaction
+00000000000003a3 t chv_read16
-00000000000003ab t chv_read16
-00000000000003d9 t hiddev_ioctl_usage.NNN
+00000000000003e9 t do_timerfd_settime
+00000000000003e9 t hiddev_ioctl_usage.NNN
-00000000000003eb t do_timerfd_settime
-0000000000000405 T ohci_hub_status_data
-0000000000000406 t chv_write16
-0000000000000406 t super_90_load
+0000000000000407 t super_90_load
-000000000000040b t loop_clr_fd
+000000000000040e t chv_write16
+0000000000000415 T ohci_hub_status_data
+000000000000041b t loop_clr_fd
+0000000000000425 t worker_thread
-0000000000000428 t worker_thread
+0000000000000444 T azx_init_chip
-000000000000044c T azx_init_chip
-0000000000000453 T ext4_discard_preallocations
-0000000000000475 T do_shmat
+000000000000047a T do_shmat
+000000000000047b T ext4_discard_preallocations
-0000000000000488 t ext4_direct_IO
+0000000000000498 t ext4_direct_IO
+00000000000004f9 t ext4_mb_normalize_request
-0000000000000509 t ext4_mb_normalize_request
-000000000000050b t __dev_queue_xmit
+0000000000000511 t __dev_queue_xmit
-00000000000005d6 T serial8250_do_startup
+00000000000005e6 T serial8250_do_startup
-000000000000061c t nv_update_linkspeed
+000000000000061b t nv_napi_poll
-0000000000000625 t nv_napi_poll
+000000000000062c t nv_update_linkspeed
-00000000000007e8 t nv_start_xmit_optimized
+00000000000007ea t nv_start_xmit_optimized
-0000000000000893 t futex_requeue
+0000000000000891 t futex_requeue
+0000000000000898 t nl80211_parse_sched_scan.NNN
-00000000000008a0 t nl80211_parse_sched_scan.NNN
-000000000000094c T sock_setsockopt
+0000000000000950 T sock_setsockopt
-00000000000009ee T do_futex
+00000000000009fe T do_futex
-0000000000000a66 t nv_self_test
+0000000000000aaa t nv_self_test
-0000000000000af3 T sata_pmp_error_handler
+0000000000000afb T sata_pmp_error_handler
-0000000000000b5d t ohci_urb_enqueue
+0000000000000b65 t ohci_urb_enqueue
-0000000000000b72 t display_crc_ctl_write
+0000000000000b79 t display_crc_ctl_write
-0000000000000ca7 t SYSC_semtimedop
+0000000000000c9b t SYSC_semtimedop
+0000000000000e31 T md_do_sync
-0000000000000e3f T md_do_sync
+0000000000000fd3 t ehci_urb_enqueue
-0000000000000ffb t ehci_urb_enqueue
-0000000000001027 t packet_sendmsg
+0000000000001029 t packet_sendmsg
-0000000000001e17 t do_blockdev_direct_IO
+0000000000001e07 t do_blockdev_direct_IO
-000000000000261e t nl80211_send_wiphy
+000000000000262e t nl80211_send_wiphy
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