Re: [PATCH v5 19/21] clk: tegra: Add Super Gen5 Logic

From: Benson Leung
Date: Wed May 13 2015 - 16:36:19 EST

On Tue, May 12, 2015 at 10:24 AM, Rhyland Klein <rklein@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> From: Bill Huang <bilhuang@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Super clock divider control and clock source mux of Tegra210 has changed
> a little against prior SoCs, this patch adds Gen5 logic to address those
> differences.
> Signed-off-by: Bill Huang <bilhuang@xxxxxxxxxx>

It looks like Mikko's and Thierry's EMC changes landed since you rebased :

0c1135f clk: tegra: EMC clock driver depends on EMC driver
dc9fdb6 clk: tegra: Add EMC clock driver

So v5 doesn't apply cleanly anymore. Could you rebase?

> ---
> v2:
> - Fixed sclk divider address (0x370 -> 0x2c)

Benson Leung
Software Engineer, Chrom* OS
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